Zachary Burr Abel as Carter Anderson

Carter Anderson (played by Zachary Burr Abel) is Kaylie's ex-boyfriend and Lauren Tanner's current boyfriend. He is a gymnast at The Rock


Carter is Kaylie's ex-boyfriend, as well as a close friend to Kaylie's brother, Leo. Carter is another gymnast at The Rock. He had sex with Lauren after a fight with Kaylie, but did not tell Kaylie about the affair because of fear that she will be deeply upset. He later gave Kaylie a necklace that had belonged to his late mother. When his relationship with Kaylie is revealed at a party, he argues with Kaylie's dad about who loves Kaylie more. He stands up for Kaylie- refusing to name the girl he's involved with to Sasha- causing Carter to be subsequently suspended from The Rock, meaning he can't go to Nationals. He later reveals his affair with Lauren, causing Kaylie to break it off with him. Carter shows great resentment at Lauren, blaming her for everything that happened between him and Kaylie. Later on, though, after being kicked out of his home, he is forced to live in Lauren's attic and he grows less hostile towards her. He is still trying to win Kaylie back, using it as motivation to get his act back together. The two share a kiss, but Kaylie then discovers that Lauren and Carter are still in contact and that Carter has been living in Lauren's house. He kisses Lauren in the episode "Are we Family." He becomes Lauren's boyfriend after he and Kaylie break up. He breaks up with Lauren after she steals Emily's floor routine. He tells her that the reason he could never tell her he loves her is because she does things that hurt other people.