Ike was Payson's first friend at Taft High school and is the school outcast. He has a pessimistic outlook on life and hates coming to school everyday. At first Ike and Payson shared the same views since Payson was depressed her gymnastcis career ended, Ike encouraged Payson to skip some of her classes and and join him and his friends to go behind the school and smoke pot. Eventually Payson became friends with Heather the school's peppy over-achiever who showed her that there is more in life than gymnastics and that just because her career has ended doesn't mean she should stop living. After that Payson ended her friendship with Ike saying she's tired of his negative attitude towards life and doesn't want to end up like him, behind the school smoking pot. In the episode "Save the Last Dance" Ike comes to the school dance in a tuxedo surprising everybody and dances with Payson and apologises for trashing everything she believed in and Payson asks him if he has anything in his life to be passionate about and he says he isn't there yet but hopes he will be one day. That was the last time we see Ike.

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