Erik Palladino as Marty Walsh

Marty Walsh (played by Erik Palladino) is The Rock's first known coach. He is blackmailed because of his relationship with Kaylie's mother. He leaves The Rock and starts coaching Denver. He is chosen to coach the National Team and comes back to The Rock to coach the team


Marty is the former coach of The Rock, who leaves the club after Steve Tanner blackmails him with information about the relationship between Marty and Ronnie Cruz. Marty begins coaching at the Denver Elite Gymnastic Club, where his top gymnast is Kelly Parker. Marty and Ronnie still have feelings for one another, but break off their relationship. Marty becomes the coach of the National Team and, despite protests from The Rock girls, remains their coach. Marty is a three-time Olympic gold medalist, and the only person who has even beaten him is The Rock's current coach, Sasha Belov. Ellen Beals gets him fired from the National Team after he yelled at her for being to hard on Emily.

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