Nico Tortorella as Razor

Razor (played by Nico Tortorella) is a friend of Emily's from the Pizza Shack. He also had a crush on Emily, but she chose Damon


Razor is a funny, sweet, all around good guy. Razor is Emily's co-worker at The Pizza Shack, and he likes Emily. He tells Damon, his band mate and friend, to watch over Emily while he is gone on his tour and to not get together with her. While away, he sends Emily a postcard telling her he misses her. Damon and Emily, however, do end up getting together. Razor returns from the tour, and begins working with Emily again and makes it clear he still likes her, though he is respectful of her and Damon's relationship. He warns her, however, that Damon runs "hot and cold," and hides the fact that Damon is in jail from her. Emily and Razor eventually become friends after Razor admits that Emily and Damon truly do love one another.

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